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5th Edition Miami Media and Film Market -


June 1-4, 2015 Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida


 Recap of the 4th Edition MMFM - Where Content Meets Creative Financing…

The 4th Edition of the Miami Media and Film Market has become a leading film and entertainment international co-production forum and marketplace focused on film, television and digital media. MMFM has successfully bridged the gap between the global entertainment industry and many diverse, fast growing, multi-cultural markets.

192 participants had access to the “boutique” market facilitated 12 intense inter-active workshops with 27 top industry experts who provided their expertise and insights on a one on one basis.

The event included our annual co-production forum with representatives from Germany, China, Canada, Poland, Spain and the United States. This year we also conducted a special “Creative Summit”. Headliners included Matt Stein (Producer of Amityville, Scream 4, Halloween) who was formerly with Dimension Films).

Among the attendees this year were world renowned actor, director and producer Stephen Baldwin, Sam Tedesco, producer of films such as Rock of the Ages, There is Something about Mary, True Lies, Marley and Me, among others; Craig Bernstein from senior agent at ICM Partners, Matt Stein, Producer of Scream, Amityville, to name a few.

As a result of the successful negotiations at MMFM, we can confirm the following:

  • Two co-productions slated to be shot in Miami, Florida Poland, this action thriller which is currently in the script stages, will be a $7 million production produced by Polish and U.S. production companies.

  • Opening of a satellite office based in Germany , to handle film and a/v financing in the region.

  • A web series filmed slated to start shooting in October.

  • Purchase of extensive Florida based content by one of our international clients.

  • Financing of two additional Florida based projects (features).

  • Financing of one U.S. based project with a Hispanic-centric theme.

Also, this year MMFM hosted the First Annual Golden Orange Awards honoring the excellence in global entertainment. This year’s recipients included Best Actor, USA – Stephen Baldwin; Best Actress, USA - Ana Villafañe; Best Actress – China -  Mai Weitao; Best Actor – China – Wang Louyong; Best Film – 7 Cajas  - Paraguay. Innovation and Leadership – Hon. Willy Gort and Hon. Mark Sarnoff, Commissioners City of Miami – for the creation of the Miami Entertainment Complex (MEC). Industry Support – William Talbert III, President & CEO Greater Miami, Convention & Visitors Bureau and Diversity  - Lesesne Media Group.

A business roundtable and round robin with the global delegates also took place as part of the official MMFM activities. Additionally participants were able to network and discuss projects at our nightly receptions and screenings.


MMFM, now heading toward its 5th Edition is a program of the Latin Chamber of Commerce of the United States, CAMACOL and its Hemispheric Congress.

The 5th Edition of MMFM is slated for June 1-4, 2015 at the Biltmore Hotel….Find Your Passion….

  • MMFM is a fast growing boutique film and entertainment international co-production forum and marketplace focused on film, television and digital media helping to bridge the gap between the global entertainment industry and diverse, fast growing,  multi-cultural markets.  
  • The conference presents dynamic panels on the latest independent film productions; co-productions and finance strategies; networking receptions and private meeting spaces to establish key business relationships and opportunities.
  • Agenda includes the MMFM Producer’s Forum and Conference Series, features  decision makers from traditional and non traditional markets.
  • One-to-one appointments available.  MMFM is the ideal place to pitch your product or film in a relaxed environment.
  • MMFM also features master classes and nightly screenings.  These special  screenings and master classes will challenge the participant to embrace the challenges  of new tomorrows, recognize our many heritages and traditions, and celebrate the limitless bounty of our imagination.
  • The Market is in conjunction with CAMACOL’s 36th Hemispheric Congress of Latin Chambers of Commerce and Industry, bringing together over 22 countries for a 4-day business to business Summit in Miami, Florida. This unique mix of creative, business, and cross-cultural minds makes the MMFM a truly one-of-a-kind experience.  
  • MMFM will also be  facilitating a special series on Faith and Message Based content, as trends foster Hollywood to “Answer to a Higher Calling”.


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